This song comes from the children’s story Don’t Laugh At Me, written by authors and song writers Steve Seskin and Allen Shamblin. The book is about people who are teased or feel different than their peers. The characters include a boy with glasses, a girl with braces, a student in a wheelchair, and a boy who is always picked last for games. The message of the book and the song is to stand up to others and tell them that everyone is different and that is what makes everyone special. The chorus says “don’t laugh at me/don’t call me names/don’t get your pleasure from my pain” (Seskin & Shamblin, 2007). The song lyrics are the same as the words in the story, but accompanied to music.

I learned that children’s literature can be transformed into music in order to be accessed by students. The book can be introduced first to broach the topic of empathy and then accompanied by the song. As the students learn the lyrics and words to the book, they gain a deeper understanding of empathy. This book important to my guiding question because it portrays the realities that many students face. Students are able to see themselves represented in literature and feel connected to one another.

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