Trudy Ludwig is a children’s advocate and author who focuses on writing stories about common sentiments and problems in children’s lives. She is an expert in bullying amongst children and relational aggression between girls. Ludwig writes fictional stories that chronicles the events many children experience while offering advice, humor, and comfort to people of all ages. Her most popular books are My Secret Bully, Confessions of a Former Bully, and Sorry! Ludwig’s books are geared for elementary aged students and she has found through her research that conflicts begin with students in preschool.

Through Ludwig, I learned the importance of using children’s literature to teach life lessons to students. Ludwig based her first book, My Secret Bully, off of her daughter’s experience with bullying. In using real life events to create her stories, Ludwig creates relatable stories for children of all ages. I also found Ludwig to be incredibly resourceful because she works closely with educators as she wants the best for children. She has created Common Core aligned lesson plans for all of her books so teachers can access them for free and apply them into their classrooms.

Trudy Ludwig is applicable to my content question because she is a children’s author that uses literature as her platform to reach students and teach them about empathy. Through her stories, she not only talks about the meaning of empathy, but the reason why empathy is important.

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