Judy Blume is a world-famous children’s and young adult author. She began her writing career in children’s stories, but has since written books for pre-teens and adults. Her most well-known stories include the Superfudge series, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, and Blubber. Her website chronicles her journey of becoming an iconic author and discusses her experience with censorship. Judy Blume is a critical aspect of my project because her books all have underlying themes of empathy and everyday occurrences children face as they grow up including bullying, puberty, and family problems.
Blume has written 28 books total, including 3 adult novels, and has inspired millions of children around the world. Her books have been translated into 32 different languages and are so famous because she touches on topics that some children are afraid to bring up to adults. Her book Blubber discusses an ongoing bullying situation in a classroom based on her daughter’s own experience. The themes of empathy, friendship, and bullying are important for all children to read.
This resource helps me answer my guiding questions because it provides insight into why Blume began writing stories and an incredible resource for books about empathy. She discusses her hopes to open children’s minds to respecting one another and accepting life as it ebbs and flows. I learned about the many books that she has written, so many that I have never heard of, as well as resources for children to access have they any questions. Blume was subject to censorship as many people thought her books were too honest and inappropriate for children. Blume continued to write and fight for her books to be accessible to children because she believes her works are educational and important for children to read because so many can relate to them.
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