This blog, written by author and teacher Pernille Ripp, contains a list of 10 picture books that all have the underlying theme of empathy. Among these titles are The Other Side by Jacqueline Woodson, The Invisible Boy by Tracy Ludwig, and The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi. All the books are vastly different, varying in ethnicities, ages, gender, and places around the world, but all teach about the importance of respecting others and being empathetic.
From this resource, I learned that books that teach about empathy don’t have to have words. One of the books Ripp includes on her website is Bluebird by Bob Staake. The wordless book tells the story of a little boy that is cheered up by a small bird. He is bullied by other children, but learns to stand up for himself and believe in who he is. The story, though lacks words, is left to be interpreted by the readers and spark great discussion. I also learned about the fluidity of picture books and the ability to reach people of all ages. Ripp talks about the books that left an impact on her or even brought her to tears.
This blog directly connects to my guiding questions because it discusses how empathy is represented across a large variety of children’s literature.
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