From July 14-July 16, there will be a conference at Mansfield College in Oxford, England. This is the 3rd conference from the Empathy Project and people from all over the world attend. At this conference, speakers discuss how people communicate with each other through literature and other arts. They talk about how empathy is represented in books, children’s and adult, as well as film and art piece. The Empathy Project discuss people’s ability to empathize and whether it is a skill to be learned or something we are born with.
There are different talks throughout the day, Empathy 1, Empathy 2, and Empathy 3, where various professionals will be discussing empathy. Empathy 3 is the most relevant to my guiding questions. In the conference, speakers will be discussing how empathy is represented in life through story telling: novels, short stories, plays, online stories, and picture books. The main question it is addressing is how does empathy play a role in “the narrative arts of literature”.
The conference answers my questions about the representation of empathy in children’s literature because speakers vary from authors, philosophers, publishers, and advocates for literature. It brings great insight into literature and the presence of empathy in writing.
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