In 2014, interviewed Judy Blume about her experience with communicating with her readers through her books. Blume argues that “fear has to be fought”, because she thinks that parents feared her books because it would disillusion their children (Blume, 2014). Her books cover topics such as friendship, bullying, school, puberty, and sexuality. Once children read, Blume believes, these topics can be discussed between a child and a parent. She always envisioned children reading her books in private, not used in schools, as a means for a quiet connection between her readers and her words.
Through this interview, I learned that Blubber is a great book to read with classes. It discusses bullying, using real life examples and experiences that thousands of children can relate to. Blume remembers a 5th grade teacher that started each school year by reading Blubber to his class. He believes that topics brought up in this book created an open, empathetic classroom and he “never had an incident in his classroom” because everything “was out in the open and if anything started it was known they could talk about  [issues]” (Blume, 2014). I also learned that there are so many life lessons and character development that children can learn through all different books and stories.
This is a great resource because it discusses the impact of literature on the lives of children, specifically children. Literature opens the doors of communication and creates an opportunity for parents, teachers, and adults to discuss those difficult topic with students.
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